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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Which Candidates Should Be Disqualified

The 2010 elections are poised to be among the most contentious in our nations' history. There are some good candidates, some bad candidates and some just outrageous candidates. There are a multitude of issues upon which people vote, any of which can swing a voter for or against that candidate. But one issue should automatically disqualify a candidate from earning your vote.

That issue? The movement of American jobs overseas. Any candidate running for office who has the creation of jobs as one of their principle campaign issues but has participated in the elimination of American jobs to increase corporate profits by moving jobs overseas should automatically be disqualified from your consideration. We have a candidate running for Congress in Kansas who is running on his ability to create jobs, but he has a proven history of outsourcing jobs to foreign nations. Connecticut also has a candidate who switched a contract from an American company to a foreign supplier. Similar situations are known to exist elsewhere in the country.

These candidates have failed to prove that they will work for the ordinary American worker and in fact have shown themselves a threat to the American workforce. How can candidates who have personally benefitted from closing American production facilities in favor of foreign facilities be trusted to work in the interest of those whose jobs are in jeopardy or have already been lost?

It's time to send a loud and clear message to American business leaders and our political representatives that this issue is non-negotiable. If you have sent American jobs to other nations you are fundamentally unfit to represent the people in the halls of government.

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