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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where Did Our Nation Go? What Did I Miss?

I'm back after a lot of summer distractions including my summer vacation with my daughters, an expansion of my job (more travel) and working a second job. But, thankfully, I'm back just in time for the final push in the 2010 elections.

Perhaps the most common theme you hear from candidates this year is their commitment to "take back our country!" I have just one question about this: where did it go and who took it? I mean, I know I've been very busy and distracted, but did I really miss our country being take from us?

Were we conquered by a foreign power, perhaps Mexico, Canada or Iran? Or was a monarchy installed while I wasn't looking? Did somebody stuff it in their pocket and walk off with it?

Of course the answer to all these questions is an emphatic NO! The whole notion is absurd. This nation is still a nation of laws ruled by the Constitution. We remain the place people from around the world want to come to. We still select our own leaders in relatively safe and secure elections. We still have ALL the freedoms included in the Constitution. We still have one of the highest standards of living in the world. Our children are not slaves to a foreign leader nor do we pledge allegiance to an overseas power. In total, we are still a sovereign nation beholden to no other nation.

You can't take something back that is already yours and in your possession. Certainly we are divided and disagreeable politically at the moment, but it isn't the first time in our history that has been the case. The question is whether we will fare better than Civil War by coming together or continue to march down the road of division until we destroy ourselves from within.

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